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Check User Exists in LDAP
Check User Exists in LDAP

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Tutorial Pages > Windows Authentication In A Web Application

This document describes the processes needed to Autenticate a user accessing your pages using their windows username and password.

This will then also enable you to track users through the site, so for instance, if they press a button on the site to action an event, you'll be able to log who actioned the event.

The advantages of this are that:-

The user can use their windows username and password.
The username is stored against the ip address, so that it will only need to be entered once for a machine.
The httpsession variable is used so that the user only needs to login once.
A session will automatically expire when no new requests have been made for a set time.

You can download the tasks for this example from:- http://www.international-presence.com/wikidocs/samples/On_Demand_Windows_Login.xml






Simple Task To Confirm Action


Session Expiry

Check Login Sub Task


Check User Exists in LDAP