Windows Authentication In A Web Application

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This document describes the processes needed to create and deploy a Presence Web Application. Contents [hide]

   * 1 Prerequisites
   * 2 Part 1: Task Creation
   * 3 Part 2: Web Application Creation
   * 4 Part 3: Deployment

[edit] Prerequisites

For this tutorial you will need to install and run a Servlet Engine such as Tomcat:

   * Tomcat Download Link 

A full list of J2EE compliant Servlet Engines is available over at Each vendor may provide its own mechanism for deploying web application archives (WARs) so you should check the documentation for whichever Servlet engine you're using. [edit] Part 1: Task Creation

For this example we will create a simple application that asks the user's name and then returns some information about the name. For this we will need two Tasks which: