Connecting To SQL Server

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Database Connectivity > Connecting To SQL Server

The settings for your SQL Database Resource in Presence should be:-

Note, the driver class is:-

This can be found in the sqljdbc.jar (or sqljdbc4.jar for Java version 6 which Presence 3.5.5 uses).

These jars can in turn be found in the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 driver for JDBC which can be downloaded from:-

Import the jar via Presence - Tools - Jar Manager and then browse to the SQLServerDriver class.

The connection URL takes the form:- jdbc:sqlserver://ServerName:1433:databaseName=MyDatabase;

Note if you are using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 driver for JDBC then the driver class is (i.e. the jdbc and the sqlserver are swapped around)

After hitting test and using the correct username and password you should see the following:-

You can then use the Resource withing Presence in the SQL node.

Presence Version 3.5.4 uses the java 1.5 JVM which in turn will need the sqljdbc.jar
Presence Version 3.5.5 uses the java 1.6 JVM which in turn uses sqljdbc4.jar

As the Presence Jar Manager caches the classes you should restart the server if you have changed the location of a class.

Pooling Options

If the Microsoft SQL Server engine is restarted any connections are retained but are no longer usable. For this reason you should always specify a custom query to validate the connection. Select the second tab in the Database Resource Editor and check the option "Use custom query to validate connections". Enter an SQL Statement in the text field provided, preferably something that is quick to run.

Database Connectivity > Connecting To SQL Server