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This document will be completed for the 3.6 installer when available.

Installation Guide

The following is a quick guide to running the installer for a single Server environment where the Server runs both the Presence Server and the Database Server. For alternative configurations, please contact Presence support.

First download the latest version of the Presence installer. The URL for this can be obtained by your Presence account manager.

- Click next on the introduction screen

- Accept the Ts & Cs

- Choose an install directory (your biggest volume)

- Choose a program group for icons, etc.

- Select the "Full" install set - the top left

- Select "Main Server"

- Select Windows Service (automatic or manual) for the Remote Program Call server and the Heartbeat Server

- Click Install

- Click yes to configure the security options in the database (this will allow you to configure the username / password for the database and initial admin account, backup directory and administrative contact email address)

- Select the license key location (assuming you're installing it on the same machine)

- Run the services suggested in the order provided.

After that you should be able to launch the administration client:

Start > Programs > Presence Viii > Administration > Presence Admin Console

See also: Migration Guide Upgrading to Presence 3.5.5