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Administration Client > Activity Archive Viewer

The Activity Archive Viewer allows you to see the status of Tasks and certain activities - whether they succeeded, what time they ran, and any additional information. The following types of activity are displayed:

  • Completed Tasks
  • Sent emails
  • Sent SMS messages
  • Sent faxes
  • Program calls
  • Files created
  • Files uploaded
  • Database modifications

Each of these items is represented by a checkbox which allows you to include or exclude them from your list. You can also filter out failed or succeeded items.

Items which ran successfully are marked with a green tick icon. Items which failed to run are marked with a red cross icon.

To delete items from the Activity Archive, select one or more items and press the DEL key. You will be asked to confirm your action.

To view additional details about an item double click on that item and a separate window will appear with extra information. In the case of failed items this will contain diagnostic information such as the Java stack trace, and in the case of SQL statements the exact statement that ran (if applicable).

Launching the Activity Archive Viewer

The following are ways to launch the Activity Archive Viewer:

  • From the Administration Client menu: Server > Activity History
  • From the Administration Client toolbar - item 20
  • Right clicking on a Task in the Task Explorer and selecting "View Activity Archive"
  • From the Live Tasks Queue - right click on a queued Task and select "View Activity Archive" from the pop-up menu

Changes in Presence 3.6

Prior to Presence 3.6 all Activity Archive information was stored in the internal Presence database. We have now moved this to an XML file structure which resides in the "res/data/activity" directory of the Database Server. When migrating Presence to a new server you may wish to also copy this information.

Architecture > Administration Client > Activity Archive Viewer

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