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Messaging Platform

There are two built-in ways in which messages such as a Fax or SMS can be delivered in Presence:

  • By a file-scan interface
  • By delegating to a Task

The former method can be done in one of two ways:

  • One file per message (Message-per-file File Scan Interface)
  • Multiple messages per file (MultiMessage-per-file File Scan Interface)

File Scan Interface

This method involves creating a text file which is placed in a drop-directory. Fax software will typically scan this directory and when it finds a new file it will read it and send a fax based on its contents.

Task Delegation

For more complicated methods Presence allows you to create a Task which will be invoked whenever a Fax is sent. This may create a file and upload it to an FTP site, or call a Web Service, or update a database, or anything else that Presence is capable of.

Custom Message Platforms

This allows you to add a custom Java class for handling messages. Custom Java classes must inherit com.internationalpresence.messaging.Transporter.

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