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This is a list of pages which are either missing or need expanding within the WikiDocs. If there is something you cannot find, please check to see if it is listed here and if not please drop us an email to let us know. If you wish to see newly added pages, please visit this special page, but bear in mind that we get quite a lot of spam added to our Wiki, and we do not recommend buying NFL jerseys from anyone that publishes pages here.

Introduction to Presence

This page needs expanding at some point.

Installation etc

  • The installation guide needs updating with more detailed instructions and screen shots.
  • Upgrade guide needs to be updated for 3.6 when released to include activity archive conversion.

Key Concepts

  • Administration Client needs expanding to include more detail: List menu options, expose less visible features.
  • Presence Context needs diagrams?


  • Some Task Element pages are incomplete or need expanding (list required)- this may help.
  • Missing documentation for Scorecard
  • Expand documentation for Message Transporters
  • create page Resources Explorer


  • Create page for using SOAP to call Presence Tasks
  • Create page for exporting web apps
  • How-to guide for using Presence with other servlet engines e.g. Tomcat
  • Document On Demand protocol
  • More detailed examples of Task creation

Under Construction Pages

The following template is used to highlight pages that are being worked on or need improvement as a priority:

Under Construction

This page (To Do Items) is currently undergoing modifications and may be incomplete. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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