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XSLT Processor

This Node allows you to perform server-side transformations on an XML document using a supplied XSLT template.

For more information on XSLT, please refer to the Wikipedia Entry.

To include an XSLT Processor Node in your Task, drag the item from the Data Formatters list into your Task. You will then see the XSLT Transform Editor:

Stylesheet Location

Xslt dialog 1.png

This panel gives you the chance to enter an XSLT document directly, refer to a Presence variable, or specify a file / web / FTP location.

Source Document Location

Xslt dialog 2.png

Here you can specify the incoming XML document to be transformed. As with the XSLT template it can be directly entered or can come from a file / FTP / web location or a Presence variable or column reference.

Transformation Options

Xslt dialog 3.png

Auto-Indent elements in document output

This causes nested elements to be indented with whitespace for better readability with text editors.

Omit <xml> declaration

This causes the root <xml> element to be removed from the output.

Include "standalone" attribute

This causes the "standalone" attribute to be included in the <xml> element.

What encoding method should be used to generate the output?

Typically UTF-8 is used for XML documents, however you could also specify a local character set or UTF-16 for unicode documents.

What overall method should be used for outputting the results?

Specifies the type of document to produce.

What media type (ie MIME type) is the data to be output?

This is rarely necessary to enter as the transformation engine will typically decide on the correct MIME type.

If the value is 'xml', what is the value of the "version" attribute?

The default is "1.0", but other values could be used here for different circumstances.

What elements should have their values wrapped in CDATA sections?

Enter a space-separated list of element names here. Text children of those elements will be generated with a CDATA Section tag surrounding them.


Xslt dialog 4.png

Here you can preview the output from the items entered in previous panels and control where you would like the resulting document to be written to. It can be stored as a Presence variable (for later use in your Task) or directly to a file. If a file is chosen, it can be appended to an existing file and it can be flagged as temporary (Presence will delete the file when the Task is complete).

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