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The "Generate Bar Code" Node creates a barcode image and stores it as a GIF, PNG or JPEG file. Dragging this Node into your Task will display the following dialog box:

Barcode Format

This can be one of the following:

  • Fixed format
  • Dynamic format

If "Fixed format" is selected, choose a barcode format from the dropdown list. The following formats are supported:

  • CODE_39
  • CODE_128
  • EAN_8
  • EAN_13
  • ITF
  • PDF_417
  • UPC_A

Alternatively, choose "Dynamic Format" to use a value from a variable, function or data table. The dynamic value can be entered in the text field displayed when this option is selected. If the format entered cannot be resolved to one of the above types an error will be generated when the Task is executed.

Text value of the generated barcode

This is the value that will be encoded in barcode format. Each barcode format has its own rules on what can be permitted here (for instance EAN_13 requires 13 numeric digits, whereas QR_CODE may be any text), and invalid values will result in an exception generated when the Task is executed.

The value entered into this text area can be static, dynamic, contain function calls, variables, data table values, or a combination.

Destination File

This is the location of the image file to be written. The file type will be determined from the file extension. It can be a variable reference, function call, data table or combination of all three.

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