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The Read Bar Code Node scans a given PDF or TIFF document for barcode images and attempts to retrieve the value encoded in them. Here is what the dialog box looks like when dragged into your Task:

Barcode Format

Select from one of three options:

  • Automatically Detect
  • Fixed Format
  • Dynamic Format

Automatically Detect: If "Automatically Detect" is enabled, the scanner will attempt all known barcode formats until it finds one which can be used to read any barcode found in the source document. This option may be slower than other options. Fixed Format: This option allows you to specify what format is expected by selecting from a drop-down list, which will be faster than attempting all supported formats. Dynamic Format: Allows you to enter the expected format into a text field, which can also contain dynamic values to be parsed at runtime, e.g. variables, data table values or function calls. If the value is taken from a column name then a separate scan will be performed for each unique value.

Generated Column Names

Two new columns will be created or appended to the existing datatable. One contains the textual value of any barcode found in the document, and the other the format of the barcode that was found. If no barcode is found these values will contain NULL. The textfields allow you to customise the column name that these values should appear under. If you don't want to change them, just use the default values.

Source File

This is the file location of the document to be scanned. If it contains a column reference (eg :var{FILELOCATION} ) then the operation will be repeated for each unique value. This allows you to pass in a list of files instead of just one file.

If you only wish to scan the first page of the document, check the "First Page Only" option.

The following file types are supported:

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

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